Who owns One-up chocolate products?

One-up is officially not a brand on its own but a phenomenon which got so many followers that the initial producers took over the name. They personalized it as one-up mushroom products which was initially The mushroom source. This is a group of mushroom passionate who were able to share their passion in multiple usable forms. They successfully cultivated and distributed the highest quality mushrooms for their customers. Moreover, they also managed to expand their range of operations to include a variety of mushroom-based dietary supplements and food products. Hence the One-up Mushroom chocolate bars.

What other products does one-up mushrooms produce?

This US base company has manage to establish, sale and distribute many variety of mushroom products. Their current catalog of products is divided into three general categories: Gourmet, Wellness, and Merch. They grow delicious, nutritious, high-quality gourmet mushrooms that can be consumed fresh or preserved by dehydration. Furthermore, they make all-natural wellness supplements in the form of dual extract tinctures from the especially beneficial mushroom species they cultivate. In addition, there are some other cool merchandise you can purchase at their official store.

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